To List, Or Not To List....


There could be many reasons for selling your home. Job relocation, retirement, tax benefits, or maybe a growing family. Regardless of your reason, market conditions will always dictate how you should market and “merchandise” your property. 

Regardless of how you choose to market your home, you can assume with confidence you will ALWAYS receive a superior level of service from our professional agents and staff.


Comprehensive Full-Service Listing Program

There are many benefits of using HDI Real Estate's full-service program. This is a
turnkey package providing you as a property seller the full benefit of the marketing leverage and experience only a real estate firm can offer. A professional real estate agent can successfully guide you through any potential caveats that sometimes arise during the settlement process. Also, exclusive representation can be your biggest asset when it comes time to negotiations. 

There are other benefits as well, but you might be asking "So what do I get with a standard full service listing agreement?" The following is but a partial list of whats offered....  

    • Open House hosting
    • Appointment scheduling and screening
    • Lock boxes
    • Exclusive agent consultation
    • Expert contract negotiation with buyers and agents
    • Global Internet exposure with Yahoo, Google, Live Deal, Trulia, Home Gain, etc.
    • Multiple MLS placement and affiliate sites                     
    • Flyers, postcard mailers, signage and directional pointers
    • Lender pre-qualification services for potential buyers
    • Periodic market evaluations, 30-day re-evaluations
    • Staging consultations (upon request)
    • Merchandising and market preparation advice
    • Settlement coordination and management (deed prep., liens, loss mitigation, tax and payoff calculations, etc.)
    • Dedicated third level web domain exclusive to your property
    • Automated web traffic and performance reporting
    • ....and most importantly our performance guarantee!

Every full service package is backed by our performance guarantee!  


Menu Marketing
This program can provide you with a platform to market your home to prospective buyers and save your equity in the process. Think about it as a cooperative service agreement between you the homeowner, and the real estate firm. You'll gain the marketing leverage and experience only a real estate firm can provide and save lots of money by doing some or most of the work yourself. We offer these services because we understand not everyone is in the positive equity position to afford the comprehensive services usually provided by a real estate firm, commonly referred to as "full-service".

HDI Real Estate's Menu Marketing program allows a property owner to select a particular level of service(s) that accommodates their known budget instead of being bound to pay a fee that is not known or determined at the time service is initiated. This program can be of great benefit to those sellers that understand the complexities of marketing a home for sale and are willing to assume some of the responsibilities.   

For Sale By Owner 
This marketing program allows you to promote your home for sale by posting your home on our website. Our site is networked with dozens of national search engines and thousands of operative agent sites so you're sure to get the exposure you need. We also upload your listing to Google, Yahoo, and Trulia property search engines. We monitor our traffic of each webpage and can produce a comprehensive website performance report upon request. Please read our Client Advocacy Disclaimer here.   


Consider the following facts and statements to help you decide if you should utilize a Comprehensive Full-Service Program, a Fee For Services Program, or attempt to sell your home yourself:

In today's marketplace, agent represented buyers will always have the advantage. The Internet has forever changed the way sellers have to do business. Information becomes available to consumers with the stroke of a key and the click of a mouse, and buyers often know everything about a property and it's owners before they ever consider touring a particular property. Over 80% of consumers now utilize the Internet to search for properties. Print media sales are declining and this is a trend that is likely to continue.

 One thing will always be constant; the need for competent and qualified representation, whether it's for a buyer or a seller. The abundance of information and the ease with which to obtain it often creates emotional and psychological hurdles for both buyers and sellers within the same transaction. For example, prior sales information for most properties can be found in most county tax databases, and some buyers feel as though a seller shouldn't be entitled to any equity gain with the sale of their home.


    • Someone must be available to schedule appointments with prospective buyers or agents. Can those appointments be screened for safety?
    • Can you qualify a prospective buyer's ability to purchase?
    • Can someone be available for showings?
    • Who will host Open Houses? Will they be held regulary?
    • All material facts must be disclosed to any buyer.... What are material facts? 
    • Can you effectively prepare your home for sale?
    • Statistically, 9 out of 10 homes are sold by real estate sales professionals, regardless of whether they are listed or not. Therefore, it's safe to assume the majority of FSBO properties must be "sold" twice, first to a real estate agent who in turn will "sell" it to the consumer.  
    • Obviously, agents have a duty to their "clients" to sell their homes. This always means an agent will attempt to sell the property s/he is contracted to sell before attempting to sell the property of a non-client.
    • Inherently, For Sale By Owners are at a disadvantage in the marketplace due to the fact they may not possess the financial leverage and access to exclusive marketing resources such as the MLS system, to effectively advertise their property to real estate agents and prospective buyers.  
    • Are you willing to perform some or most of the tasks usually performed by a real estate professional?   

Simply put, most real estate company's ask the you seller to be negotiable with your price, yet they are not negotiable with theirs. This is the basis for our creative marketing services.  

If you aren't sure whether you should try to sell your home yourself or employ an agent to sell your home for you, contact one of our agents for a NO OBLIGATION, NO PRESSURE consultation.

                                       Simply Stated.