"For Sale By Owner" DISCLAIMER


DISCLAIMER: To preserve certain rights all consumers have when seeking to purchase or sell real property, 4085 Realty Inc. and its officers, principles, brokers, agents, and employees will be removed from any negotiations or transactions with respect to any "For Sale By Owner" property posted on this website, whereby an "Exclusive Right to Sell" agreement does not exist between the property owner and 4085 Realty Inc. By consulting with a "For Sale By Owner" for posting purposes, the probability of collecting information from the homeowner that could be used to advance a buyer's bargaining position is likely. Therefore, the 'company agent' working with the "For Sale By Owner" must assume a position of neutrality and NOT represent any prospective buyer for said property.


 All offers and/or requests for property information must be submitted directly to homeowner. No officer, principle, licensed broker or agent, employee, or any representative affiliated with 4085 Realty Inc. will be responsible for, or charged with, assisting any buyer or buyer's agent with negotiations or offers of purchase for any property posted on this website as being "For Sale By Owner". 4085 Realty Inc. assumes no liability for any damages of any kind, to buyer or seller resulting from the purchase of any property posted as "For Sale By Owner" on this website.